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Cultural Association "Tamasi Aron"

The Cultural Association "Tamasi Aron" was founded in 1972, in 1990 began again and in 2010, after a renewal, it has become stronger. The association organizes and makes plans in order to keep keep the traditional values in Lupeni.
We are trying to light the fire against the darkness, because we can`t wait always for a help from the God, but we also have to do something in order to keep ourselves strong in this world, in order to save the linguistic and material values... and because this is how our big writer said: „ We are the ones who should spread the light on this Earth, we have to decorate it with spirit, culture and with the aim to fullfill a lot of desire.
Between the ralisations of our Association is the foundation of a women`s choir (Tamasi liked very much the popular songs, there are several songs which were his favourits).
It is important to mention that we made contact with the Tamasi Aron Foundation and with the EMKE from Hungary, in order to help us in saving and in restoration of the Tamasi house (Agnes`s, who was his sister)
Unfortunately, the building is in a very bad shape. Maybe this is teh last chance to save it.
Soon will be edited a collection, in which are described the experiences of local people, who met with the writer. We are trying to bring closer the writer with the help of making a living picture about him. Our distant targets are to make relationships with schools, cultural associations which have the name of Tamasi Aron. This year, on the Days of Lupeni, on the first weekend of September, the association is coming up with something, it can be an exposition or a book presentation. In the writer`s village, people should keep attention to his heritage, and not just with the literature.